The new generation uses technology in so many different ways we have never expected, and there are so many changes that is constantly occurring, and there is so much a business will need to do in order to adapt in order to be closer to success.

Building relationships

For example, marketing now requires brands to build relationships with people and reach out to travelers as well. They tend to look for discounts and are exposed to their brands through their social networks, rendering the company website as a less effective way to reach out to the public. The decision made to buy a product stems from the previous experiences of other customers and word of mouth. This means that you need to have a new take in regards of marketing- by adapting to the new way of how people are drawn to products. These are new marketing tools which should be adopted by your company! We will slowly move away from the traditional form of monologue in which addresses only the customer, but instead start working on communication. This dialogue should involve the product that addresses them, and their community.

The importance of communication

Every business can communicate in different ways with their customers and should be efficient in doing so. In the past, businesses relied on phones- but was subjected to the limited availability of the connector, and the inability to transfer other forms of data such as contextual information, documents was a huge hindrance. The fact that we have developed technology- in fact with Airdrop, you could send pictures from your phone to your laptop merely via Bluetooth, something that no one would have imagined in the past. Businesses now could easily reach their mass audience and customers via many platforms such as mass broadcasts. This way, the business can reach success.

How to define business success

This success can be defined as the result of a constant investment in the special identity of the company or of the individual. The right strategies, visions, company’s missions, management structures, and especially employees are important for success. Accurate and applicable information to make sound and informed judgement helps the organization to be continually successful. Thus, the key role is to look into ways business partners, employees, departments, people in offices communicate and collaborate with one another. These factors have to come together for the business to reach success.

How could we then mark our own business success?

We are in an era where everything seems to change and evolve momentarily. The world economic order is going through huge transformations, accompanied by significant advances and discoveries in science and technology. With globalization, new industries start to develop, while others are on their last legs or already extinct in a world of advanced, emerging, and developing countries. As a result, lots of jobs from years aren’t as relevant today as they once were, and many no longer exist- and this is all made worse with the pandemic. Therefore it’s easy to predict that eventually, today’s jobs will progress into something completely different and some will become obsolete. It is those changes that lead to multiple consequences, affecting many other fields, one being education. We need a broad, formative and motivating education that recognises the different talents of all children and delivers excellence for everyone. Studying methods from the 20th century may no longer be relevant in the constantly evolving and changing world of the 21st century, in preparing one for your future job. This is why our government has continuously encouraged people to re-skill. In order to maximize your chances of having a successful career in the field of your choice, you have to constantly adapt. New branches of industries will appear, and potential employers and employees will need to acquire new skills and abilities.


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