We build Jobsrefer with data and analytics in mind.

When you login to Jobsrefer Employer Portal, you will see the following

Employers using our web platform can feast themselves to a wide array of data analytics such as the following:

Recruiters who viewed my Job

Having this data allows you to know the exposure of your job to our recruiter base.

Some ways to increase this number is to repost your job posting to several other channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram. The more you share and repost, the higher the exposure will be to other recruiters and users to refer their network to your jobs

Recruiters who referred to my Job

This tells you how many recruiters have send in a referral to your jobs. Our portal always ensures that all candidates referral are properly screened by our recruiter base before they send in to your list for acceptance.

Some ways to increase this number is to have a clear and concise job description and a competitive referral fee.

Clearly-written job descriptions will help the recruiters to understand your requirements better, and enable them to refer high-quality candidates to your jobs. Sounding too verbose with your job descriptions might lead to high bounce rate and low referral numbers for your jobs. We recommend that Employers stick to around 700-1,000 words for their job descriptions.

A competitive referral fee will encourage recruiters to refer more candidates and better quality ones as well. Conversely, a low referral fee usually will result in very little or in some cases, zero referrals. We usually recommend a starting referral rate of USD1,000 and for some hard-to-find positions, the Employer can increase it to USD2,000 or more.

Total Referrals

This is the total amount of candidate referrals that recruiters submit to your jobs. Once again, a concise, well-written job description with an attractive referral fee will increase this amount.

Referral Rate

The referral rate is the amount of total candidate referrals divided by the number of views that your job postings gets. This tells you the popularity of your job posting amongst the recruiters and potential recruiters who view your job. To increase this rate, the hiring employer can

  • Write a good and concise job description
  • Put up an attractive referral fee for the recruiters to refer
  • Have a strong Employer’s branding so that recruiters feel safe to refer strong candidates to the jobs
  • Follow up with referrals and ensure that your response rate to the submitted referrals remain high


Pipeline shows you the stages and progress of all your referred candidates. A strong feature of Jobsrefer is our inbuilt Application Tracker System (“ATS”) whereby you can move candidate across the hiring pipeline from the screening stage to the interview stage and all the way to the final hiring stage. In our ATS, there are several pipeline

  • Screened: Candidates who have been screened and sent to your dashboard for viewing
  • Interview: Candidates whom u have sent an interview request
  • Offer: Candidates whom u have sent an offer request
  • Hired: Candidates whom u have sent a hiring request
  • Rejected: Candidates whom u have rejected
  • Withdraw: Candidates who have withdrew their application
  • Passed Probation: Candidates who have passed their probation
  • Failed Probation: Candidates who have failed their probation
  • Duplicated CVs: Duplicated CVs that you have received for the job

Employers who login to our Employer Portal have a bird-eye view of their entire referral hiring process with Jobsrefer.

To kickstart on understanding your referral hiring better with Jobsrefer, sign up as an Employer now with Jobsrefer.

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