On the 20th September 2020, Jobsrefer is proud to launch the world’s 1st CV marketplace for Employers and Hiring Managers to get access to a pool of top-quality CVs and Resumes.

No longer do you need to tolerate low-quality, spammy candidates from job boards and/or to wait for the right candidate to come along. Jobsrefer’s strong pool of recruiters and referrers has all the top quality CVs for you to choose from.

How does it work?

Register and login to your Employer Jobsrefer Account (English Version). This is the Vietnamese Version here.

Once login, click to “CV Marketplace” to view our CVs and Resume database.

The list contains all the available CVs and Resumes by our pool of recruiters and referrers. These CVs are all screened and available for hiring. Screened meaning that information are checked and provided for employment and hiring only. Do note that you cannot buy and interview these candidates for other purposes.

All our CVs and data provided adhere to the PDPA Act of Singapore. Candidates have to agree to the collection and use of their data for employment purposes, before we allow it to show up on this list.

Next Step is to buy credits to kickstart your purchase of the candidate’s database and information

The credit system as of the date of writing this article goes:

  • 5 CV Credits for USD60
  • 10 CV Credits for USD100
  • 30 CV Credits for USD120
  • 50 CV Credits for USD150

Click “Checkout” to be redirect to the Stripe payment gateway, whereby you can enter your credit card details to purchase the credits. Do note that all credit card information are not stored on our database as we use the payment gateway of Stripe to process your payment.

For more information on the payment security, please read about Stripe here.

Once payment is successful, you will see this screen.

This means that the interview credit has been topped up to your account. In the event that you do not see the credits, please email us at [email protected] immediately.

Once back at the CV marketplace, you are free to click on each candidate row to see more information on the Candidate, such as Summary of the candidate, why will the candidate be a good fit for your jobs, and why does he want to change his current job. You can also view his/her skillsets under the “Skill” tab.

If you are happy with the information provided and keen to purchase this candidate profile, you can click “Buy CV” with the amount of credits above the button.

When you click “Buy CV“, there will be a popup to ask whether you like to confirm to buy the candidate profile with the price and your available remaining credits there.

Again, if you want to proceed to buy the CV, you shall adhere to our Employer’s terms and conditions.

Once you have purchased the CV and refreshed the page, then all the information on the candidate will be revealed to your side, which includes the full CV download, and contact info of the candidate to proceed with your interview and hiring plans.

That’s all.

If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Here is a video walkthrough of buying the CV:


What happens after I purchase the CV?

All CVs purchased will show up under the “Purchased” tab.

How long can i retain the CV for?

Indefinite period of time. All CVs purchased can always be found under “Purchased”.

How come it is so cheap as compared to other resume buying services? Is this a scam?

This is not a scam. Our mission is to lower recruitment costs to our clients while at the same time, ensure the high quality, fast speed of providing them with the top talents around. All our talents are screened and assessed thoroughly with our screening process.

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Jobsrefer is the newest innovative job referral platform in Asia. Head over to www.jobsrefer.com today and start earning while referring your unused CVs and Resumes