Hubstaff is a popular time-tracking solution that helps remote teams communicate by tracking time, taking screenshots, productivity levels, and more. Hubstaff is available for download on Mac, OS, Windows, iOS, Andriod, Linux, Chromebook, and through the web app on your browser with the google chrome extension.

User interface:

Hubstaff desktop app offers a clean and intuitive design, making it incredibly easy to start tracking time to specific projects throughout the day. On the mobile app, you can track employee time and location, view time sheets or schedules, and check reports on the go. You can get the mobile timer to start and stop respectively.

Workers can select a project and Hubstaff will track the time and activity with respect to the specific project, in which you can view in an email sent to you on the next day, or the workers can check their timings clocked in via the web application.

Reporting capabilities:

Hubstaff offers 17 different reports as a premium account. It includes everything from invoices and project budgets to job site visits and attendance. Managing time off is also something you can do with Hubstaff. You can set the amount of time off earned for every hour worked or set time off balances and holidays.

This application is a tool for you to find out the habits of your employees. You can use the data to improve your team’s productivity and overall efficiency.

Productivity rates:

Hubstaff allows you to calculate activity rates for each hour worked by monitoring the activity of the keyboard and mouse. Hubstaff provides a screenshot feature where you get to see a screenshot of the activity up to three times every 10 minutes.

You are allowed to customize these settings accordingly.


Completely customizable, and so you can keep tabs on the information that is important to you. The different widgets can be moved and will show you the total hours tracked, activity rates, amounts earned and much more.

How exactly do you use Hubstaff:

As a manager, the dashboard is the quickest view into how your team works.

You can customize under manage widgets, to choose which data is the most important to you.

source: Hubstaff

Under projects, you can assign team members and budgets to the project. Each project has its own tasks which are the steps your team will take to complete a project.

You can create a task right inside the tasks panel or use the integrations panel below to import tasks from another project management tool.

Under Activity, you get to see Screenshots. These screenshots are taken of your employees’ desktops, and you get to see what they are working on. These screenshots are taken in 10 minutes intervals. There are options for a daily and historical views as well. You will be able to see a percentage of their activity over the 10 minutes, therefore being able to view how active you are.

You can see the activities and customize them accordingly.

source: Hubstaff

If you upgrade to a premium account, you will be offered 17 different reports to give you a much deeper insight into how your business is operating. Examples include you being able to view the URLs each member have been visiting, and for how long.  You also get to plan out all your jobs, as the scheduling tool lets you customize who is working and when.

Reports can be exported to quickbooks, sent to clients as PDF or it can be placed into a spreadsheet.

With GPS time tracking, invoicing, payroll and automatic time sheets, Hubstaff is guaranteed to make running your landscaping business easier.

For any questions, you can reach out to [email protected] or visit for more information. More of the FAQ can be found on their application website.

The different pricing and what is offered is also available on their website. If you are just looking for a general productivity monitoring solution for your office, both of these tools have you covered. It will depend on your preference regarding the interface and different features available with different plans.

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