Are you an employer looking for low cost and an effective hiring platform to recruit your talents? Wait no further, as Jobsrefer is here!

1. We offer competitive pricing

The pricing for Jobsrefer is as such:
•          Employer can choose the referral fee.
•          The minimum is USD500.
•          Higher referral fees can get better and faster results.
Guaranty period:
•          Prorated refunds will be given if the talent leaves the job within certain            time period of his first date of employment.
•          From 1st to 15th day, 75% of the fees paid will be refunded.
•          From 16th to 30th day, 50% of the fees paid will be refunded.
•         From 31st to 60th day, 25% of the fees paid will be refunded

Payment can be made easily as we are integrated with Stripe, making it seamless and easy.

2. Improves efficiency

This form of headhunting helps the company to consider tens of thousands of candidates at the same time, and can help you discover highly-qualified individuals who were previously missed because they were not exact matches to your own search criteria. We have algorithms that can help focus on information that a human headhunter may not be able to do. On top of this, according to the report ‘Global Head Hunting Services: Procurement Intelligence Report 2016-2020’, the price of headhunting services is expected to increase. Therefore, the fees are much lower than traditional headhunting, up to 70% lower depending on one’s salary.

3. End to end hiring system

We have a comprehensive pipeline for you to streamline the hiring process. With our system, all the candidate applications and interviews are well organised. You do not need to worry about missing out potential candidates. We help you to free up time so you can focus on other areas of your business.

4. Keeps track of your recruitment data

Gone are the days where you manually calculate the hiring percentage and other key performance indicators. Utilise our useful in-app metrics for your reports or simply to keep abreast with the current recruitment funnel with one glance.

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This way, you can see how your job listing is doing, and what is the application rate etc. What better way to get feedback than from potential candidates themselves? You can also easily create and manage screening questions for candidates that apply to the job. This helps to automate the workflow and save time for you as an employer.

5. Attract potential candidates with an attractive company page.

A personalised company page can be added to share with prospective candidates on the culture and benefits of the company. This will also better prepare the candidates as to what kind of company they will be recruited into, and you can attract the right candidates. The candidates also can better prepare for the recruitment process, making things more efficient. Save both your time and the candidates time by using this feature as a filter for the right fit!

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