Why you should use Jobsrefer as an employer

Are you an employer looking for low cost and an effective hiring platform to recruit your talents? Wait no further, as Jobsrefer is here! 1....

Leading effectively in your workplace

Great leaders can alter the culture of an organization, make changes happen quickly and help an organization transform itself. A great leader can help...

Why you should use Jobsrefer as a recruiter

There are two ways in which a recruiter can benefit jobseekers from using Jobsrefer. Findings from Deloitte shows that Hirers spend an average US$4,500 per candidate on...

Well-being in jobs

Employee well-being is significantly related to a number of important work outcomes, including job performance, employee retention, workplace accidents, sick days, absenteeism, customer engagement,...

How to ace your interviews

Interviews are always nerve-wrecking. Your resume and cover letter made it through the door, and now you have to exercise your personality to help...

Unmotivated to exercise? These facts will change your mind!

Due to the COVID situation, many people, including myself end up being stuck in a slump, with a lack of motivation to exercise. With...

3 tips for the perfect cover letter

With a CV, you might not realise this is missing- a cover letter. It may be a chore, but it is definitely important to...

What certifications and training can a HR recruiter get?

Obtaining the right certificates can help you progress in your career and at the same time gain credibility as a recruiter. Here are some...

5 tips to maintain your mental health

With so much happening all at once currently- from a pandemic, to global protests, violence and more, it is easy to be caught up...

Web Features on Jobsrefer

Have you ever thought of saving costs on recruitments? Tired of the long, draining process of headhunting for talents to only realize they do...

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