There are two ways in which a recruiter can benefit jobseekers from using Jobsrefer.

Findings from Deloitte shows that Hirers spend an average US$4,500 per candidate on interviewing, scheduling, and assessment; an average open position receives more than 150 resumes; and20% to 25% of their candidates don’t turn out to be good hires.

As for the jobseeker, 83% of candidates rate their job search experience poor.

Therefore, enter Jobsrefer, a platform for hirers and jobseekers to connect.

How Jobsrefer works

As a recruiter, you connect your referred jobseeker to a vast network of employers who are hiring. Browse through our rich database of open positions from top companies like DKSH Holding AG to refer to your network. On our end, we employ data science and human expertise to facilitate the matching of your referred jobseeker to employers! Not only will you earn a fee from us for referring a jobseeker, the jobseeker also benefits from the direct exposure to the HR of companies!

Get paid with Jobsrefer as a recruiter– no sign up costs!

Users will obtain a referral amount when they post jobs on the platform. When one is successful in being referred to a job, the referrer will receive a referral fee, and the jobseeker will earn his or her own bonus. Through this, You can find decent candidates that would have been blocked from view by traditional methods. Jobsrefer will connect the candidate to many recruiters in the region with a wide network. There are also strict screening processes which will be done before one is awarded the fees.

Reach a diverse and wide network of employers due to our competitive pricing

We have algorithms that can help focus on information that a human headhunter may not be able to do, and therefore will allow you to stand out amongst your competitor. On top of this, according to the report Global Head Hunting Services: Procurement Intelligence Report 2016-2020, the price of headhunting services is expected to increase. Therefore, employers are starting to use this method as their main source of hire as the fees are much lower than traditional headhunting, up to 70% lower depending on one’s salary.

The pricing for Jobsrefer is as such:

  • Employer can choose the referral fee.
  • The minimum is USD500.
  • Higher referral fees can get better and faster results.

Guaranty period:

  • Prorated refunds will be given if the talent leaves the job within certain time period of his first date of employment.
  • From 1st to 15th day, 75% of the fees paid will be refunded.
  • From 16th to 30th day, 50% of the fees paid will be refunded.
  • From 31st to 60th day, 25% of the fees paid will be refunded.

Therefore, by opting to join Jobsrefer, this platform will definitely be attractive to employers with its low cost, and at the same time you will be able to gain a large network of employers.

Easy and fast referral process – built with recruiters in mind!

We believe that we can stand out amongst the rest of the service providers, and that you will be able to gain the most out of using our platform. Jobsrefer offers a clean pipeline and is rather systematic. This makes the application easy to use. Jobrefer will launch a tour for you which will aid in helping you navigate in the site seamlessly. You are allowed to

  1. Refer and track your referrals with charts and analytics with real-time tracking technology
  2. You get to challenge and compete with other recruiters to be the best recruiter and stand a chance to win monthly prizes
  3. You can track where all your referrals are coming to you, therefore understand which channel to focus on to get high-quality referrals for the company
  4. You get to choose different methods of referring, from posting on Facebook to uploading CVs/Resumes.

Receive updates and feedback about your referred jobseeker

I believe that often, you apply for multiple jobs yet do not hear anything from companies, and wonder if your application has been screened. This will not happen with Jobsrefer, as as a recruiter, you are allowed to see if the candidate you refer are being screened, interviewed, offered, hired or rejected by the company. As a recruiter, you will be working closely with a company’s employer to further bring in more candidate, creating a connection which is a unique factor.

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