With a CV, you might not realise this is missing- a cover letter. It may be a chore, but it is definitely important to be included in your application. Cover letters do not need to be long to convey your sincerity.

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In this article, I will be giving you tips on how to perfect a cover letter. This will ensure that you stand out against all your competitors.

You might be wondering; how exactly do you write a decent cover letter?

  1. Don’t be afraid to brag about your skills and experiences

You will need to bring out your most outstanding achievements. Set yourself apart from others as the suitable candidate who has something special to offer the company. From having leadership experience, to being extremely skilled at something, these should be included to impress the employer. List your accomplishments rather than your duties. This will definitely increase your chance to be hired!

2. Alter your cover letter to match the job requirements

A personalized cover letters will be very effective in getting an interview. You will need to emphasize the more crucial skills on your cover letter, depending on the requirements of the job. Perhaps, emphasize the aspects of your background and experience that fit particularly well with the advertised position.

3. Give reasons why you want the job

Tell a story that can capture the attention of the employers. Create a connection with that specific and company. Take any opportunity to mention how great of a fit you’d be. This way, you can set yourself apart from the other applicants.

Your cover letter should be about 4 paragraphs at maximum in order to not bore the potential employers, and you must remember to finish strong! Make sure the finals sentence of your letter is meaningful. It could go something like “I am very excited to learn more about this company and share how I will be a great fit to your organization!”

I already have a resume, why go through all that trouble for a cover letter?

The cover letter will bring out your personality, and make you stand out as it will carry your personal voice. It is best if you research more about the company you are applying for, and at the same time include the element they want into your cover letter.

Due to how the resumes of individuals will consist of similar content, by having a cover letter, you will get yourself an extra edge. It is found that 81% of hiring managers surveyed proclaimed that they valued cover letters that were tailored to their specific company.

A good cover letter will give an impression that you want the job more. While your resume is more of an objective list of your qualifications, your letter is a subjective explanation of why you qualify for this job.

Content wise, you must remember that your cover letter is not a list of qualifications, but an explanation of why you are qualified. Using your past experience as evidence, divide your paragraphs by the part of the job posting you are addressing, and discuss your experiences and give evidence that you have qualification, and can handle that part of work assigned to you. You could also consider making a list of events of your personal life,

There is a chance that your potential employer might skim through your cover pages, seeing how they might be swarmed with multiple applications. Make sure that your important information is in spots where they will see it.

Remember- keep your cover letter brief, intelligent and tantalizing. Your letter might take a bit of work. But it’s worth to show potential employers that you’re a serious professional seeking for a job.

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