Having Interpersonal skills leads to business success It is important to have strong interpersonal skills, especially in today’s work environment where we interact with people on a frequent basis. Many studies made cited interpersonal skills as a crucial element in selecting leaders in organisations.

A survey of European business leaders has revealed that potential employees rate strong interpersonal skills, confidence and enthusiasm far higher than more tangible and testable skills such as a strong academic degree or business acumen in a potential employee. The survey, by global accounting network RSM International in conjunction with the European Business Awards, was completed by over 500 European business leaders from 32 European countries. When hiring entry level graduates, 81% of those surveyed said the most important characteristics were confidence, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit. In comparison, only 20% of respondents cited a good academic degree and business acumen amongst their most important.

This article will cover how one build strong relationships within an organization. It is important that we should build rapport with people in the organization to better work together. With rapport build, it will also naturally create synergy and teamwork between people.

What are interpersonal skills?

Interpersonal skills are often related employability skills, and that posessing them will definitely give you an added advantage. You could also emphasize your interpersonal skills in your cover letter and resume.

Here are some interpersonal skills which I feel is necessary for success

1. Positive attitude

Attitudes are a collection of behaviors- a positive attitude would mean a collection of positive behaviors. Employers tend to hire employees who makes the office a better environment to reside in.

How to adopt a positive attitude:

  • Make up your mind that no matter what comes your way, you will do more than just simply survive, but instead thrive.
  • Don’t beat yourself up too much when you make mistakes- instead, learn from them.
  • Be confident in your abilities, never give up, and accomplish anything you set your mind to.
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2. Inspiring trust

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. However, it is seen that a lack of trust in the workplace is one of the most critical issues faced by companies today.

            How to build trust among people:

  • Create a safe space where people can communicate their troubles without fearing judgement
  • Involve yourself personally in situations and understand them to bridge the trust between you and your team
  • Always be transparent when making decisions, especially key ones

3. Communication

Three essential elements of effective communication are listening, speaking and giving and receiving feedback effectively.

How do you build up your communication skills:

  • Summarize. Summarizing or paraphrasing is the best way to show that you’re listening. It has the added benefit of actually helping you to understand the other person’s situation. Try to repeat back what you’re hearing, in your own words and more briefly. Identify both facts and feelings, and state things from their point of view (without judgment and without highlighting your own position). For example: “It sounds like you’re really frustrated and discouraged about that email you received.”
  • Use “I” statements. We’ve all heard this before. Using “You” language makes the other person instantly defensive and breaks down communication. For example: “I feel angry about the dishes piling up in the sink.” Don’t pull in invisible allies (”Everyone feels the same way”) or overgeneralize (”This always happens”). Better to be specific and speak only for yourself.
  • Be clear about your intentions and preferences. What are you hoping to get out of this conversation? What are your needs and wants in this situation? Generate possible solutions. Invite the other person to do the same.
  • Allow yourself and the other person uninterrupted time to speak. Take turns. Make sure both parties get a fair chance to be heard.

The success of any business or organization mainly depends on the people working at the firm. Therefore, being able to exhibit these interpersonal skills and your own talent will be effective in achieving success.

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